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Terms and Conditions

  1. Estimates shall treated as a sales order, and the terms and conditions noted below shall become terms and conditions of sale. The estimate will be terminate if not accepted by the Buyer within thirty (30) days of the Estimate Date.

  2. Deposit - A fifty percent (50%) deposit will be required on all orders. Deposits are non-refundable.

  3. Final Sale - All orders are final sale no exchange or refunds available without prior written approval from Marty Berman at Amber Millwork Ltd. All returns shall be subject to a minimum thirty percent (30%) restocking fee (without exception).

  4. Approvals - By accepting this estimate you are accepting the manufactures specifications (for finishing, storage and warranty). Warranty shall be provided by the products manufacture, most manufactures warranty documents are available at or please contact All charges or approval made by the General Contractors team member will be considered as agreed upon by the Buyer.

  5. Due Date – The invoice will be due on the day of requested delivery, unless Amber Millwork Ltd credit application form has been submitted and approved by Amber Millwork Ltd. A buyer holdback shall not be applicable in the case of supply only contracts.

  6. Supply Only – All estimates are supply only. Guidance at time of product installation only applicable if specified on estimate this guidance is only applicable for exterior pivot doors, Fenstur windows and Eclipse Folding Doors.

  7. Service Charge – A service charge of two percent (2%) per month (26.82% per annum) on all outstanding amounts.

  8. Overdue Account – All payments shall be applied to the oldest unpaid invoices and other charges on the account at the time of payment. Accounts that are overdue will be placed on hold/cash until the balance has been paid in full. Buyers whose accounts are more than sixty (60) days overdue will be forwarded to a collection agency unless alternate arrangements have been made with credit department. The Buyer agrees to pay Amber Millwork Ltd for all actual losses, costs, expenses and fees arising from, or related to purchases made on this account and efforts to collect payment for those purchases.

  9. NSF Cheques will be subject to a fifty five doller ($75.00) Fee.

  10. Pick-up or Delivery – Amber Millwork Ltd can not hold or store completed orders beyond the requested pick up or delivery date. Shipping Fee includes Curbside Delivery Only. Delivery Dates cannot be adjusted within two (2) days of delivery date.

  11. Shortage or Damage Claims - All merchandise must be checked upon arrival. No shortage claim will be accepted unless it was made in writing within two (2) days of receipt of the merchandise.

  12. Insurance - The Buyer must provide its own insurance. Risk of loss or damage to all goods sold hereunder shall pass from Amber Millwork Ltd to the Buyer at the point of delivery to the possession of the Buyer.  

  13. Liability of Vendor – Amber Millwork Ltd shall not under any circumstances be held responsible for any damages whatsoever arising from the improper use, incorrect installation or manufacturing defect of the merchandise sold. In every other case, Amber Millwork Ltd responsibility is limited to the price of the merchandise sold. Amber Millwork Ltd shall not be liable for any delay in delivery. Delivery of materials are subject to conditions beyond Amber Millwork Ltd control (example unforeseen manufacturing or shipping delays).

  14. Warranty - shall be provided by the product manufacture. Amber Millwork Ltd should be provided reasonable amount of time to correct deficiencies agreed upon. If the Buyer fails to pay when due any portion of the purchase price or any other payment required from the Buyer to Amber Millwork Ltd under this contract or otherwise, all warranties and remedies granted herein may at Amber Millwork Ltd option be terminated.

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